Bonding Services - Eagles Nest Family Dentistry

Bonding is a quick way to repair chips found on your teeth. Bonding uses a white plastic paste, known as composite resin, a plastic that initially is a semi-liquid that hardens and is cured with light.

This material then is tinted to match the colour of your natural teeth colour and is also shaped to resemble the tooth completely. Bonding can make a fractured tooth look like brand new again and we can paint over a stained tooth. Composite resin can also remove gaps between teeth. Some of the advantages include completing this procedure in one appointment, having beautiful esthetic results and being able to fully control the shade and shape of the restoration.

There are some disadvantages such as there being a tendency to chip, stain or crack. A good alternative to bonding, which eliminates the disadvantages of bonding, is porcelain veneers, which can be discussed at our office.